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Most hobbies are a form of self-expression. Someone who is feeling relaxed and subdued might enjoy sitting quietly and drawing landscapes. Another person who is feeling wild and progressive might enjoy creating independent films to show at a local theater. Your hobbies become your world, and your hobbies are a deep expression of who you really are as a person. The same goes for any sort of craft, whether it's stained glass or homemade jams. We love the world of hobbies and how easy it is to get lost in. We hope you feel the same sort of comfort as you read the hobby-related articles we've collected here.


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A Sewing Accessory That Can Be Used To Store Your Thimble

A thimble is a sewing notion that you may rely upon to protect your finger from the sharp prick of a needle. If you enjoy crafting and have recently begun making clothes and tote bags, you may want to purchase yourself a special holder for your thimble. A thimble cage is an accessory that can be secured to a necklace and will safely store your thimble when it isn't being used.

An Heirloom Should Be Protected

Some thimbles are constructed of solid silver or gold and can be quite valuable. Even an older thimble that isn't necessarily worth a lot of money can be priceless if it is considered an heirloom. A sterling silver thimble cage is a beautiful adornment that can be secured to a standard necklace.

A cage often possesses an intricate design, which may be reminiscent of a birdcage. A cage is not necessarily rounded at the top, but it can be. It can also have a flat top and sides and be representative of a cube or a prism. Purchase a cage attachment with a beaded edge design or one that contains a filigree enhancement, which contains silver bands and exquisite scrollwork. A cage will contain a small door that contains a latching system. After a thimble is placed inside of the cage and is latched properly, the sewing notion will remain secure. 

An Old Or New Necklace Will Be Enhanced

If you own a basic chain necklace that you wear every day, attach your new cage to it. The beautiful sterling silver construction may enhance some of the clothes in your wardrobe. Additionally, since your thimble will always be within reach, you won't need to start and stop what you are doing just to attain the tool that is needed to complete a craft project.

If you haven't worn a necklace in a while, purchase one that is constructed from the same metal variety as the thimble cage. This will provide you with a jewelry item that contains two components that look like they were made for each other.

A cage will be handy during times that you are busy and need to turn your attention away from a sewing or craft project. Simply, remove the thimble from your finger, open the cage door, and place the thimble inside. After you get used to practicing this new storage method, you will no longer be inclined to set the thimble down in your work area.