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Most hobbies are a form of self-expression. Someone who is feeling relaxed and subdued might enjoy sitting quietly and drawing landscapes. Another person who is feeling wild and progressive might enjoy creating independent films to show at a local theater. Your hobbies become your world, and your hobbies are a deep expression of who you really are as a person. The same goes for any sort of craft, whether it's stained glass or homemade jams. We love the world of hobbies and how easy it is to get lost in. We hope you feel the same sort of comfort as you read the hobby-related articles we've collected here.


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Creating A Stepping Stone Pathway That Is Hand-Painted

Round stepping stones that contain hand-painted designs can be used to beautify the area leading up to a flowerbed or a vegetable garden. Purchase some round pavers, acrylic paint, sealant, and templates to complete this satisfying springtime project.

List Of Materials

  • Solid-colored pavers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Palette
  • Thin brushes
  • Stencils
  • Templates
  • Clear sealant
  • Wide brush

Clean And Dry The Pavers

Purchase round pavers that can be used to create a pathway to the landscaping feature of your choice. The stepping stones that you add to your property should be spaced a couple of feet apart. When you get the pavers home, provide them with a thorough rinsing and brief scrubbing session. This will remove any loose particles that were on their surface. Lay the pavers on your front porch or another spot outdoors that receives full sunlight. Wait for the pavers to dry. 

Paint The Pavers

Purchase a gallon of paint from a paint store. This paint color will be used to cover the top and sides of each paver. Line the pavers up across plastic sheeting or a tarp. Use a wide-tipped paintbrush to apply a couple of coats of acrylic paint to each paver. Use smaller brushes and potted paints to create designs on the pavers. Butterflies, mushrooms, birds, flowers, and rainbows are some springlike designs that will beautify each paver and add color to your property.

If you are not experienced with freehand painting and would like a guide to use while adding each design, use some templates to refer to or secure a stencil to the front of each paver and trace around them to add the designs. Wait for the acrylic paint to dry. Use a wide-tipped brush to apply a coat or two of clear sealer across the surface of each paver. 

Add The Pavers To Your Property And Freshen Up Painted Surfaces

Decide which direction you would like the stepping stone path to be arranged in. Place the pavers across the ground and press down firmly across each one. Inspect the landscaping feature that the pavers lead to.

If you have a raised flowerbed on your property and it is encased in a wooden holder that has peeling or faded paint on its surface, use the remaining paint that you purchased from the paint store to refresh the wooden surface. Wooden stakes or signage that is part of the display can also be repainted to give the outdoor feature a fresh look.